What's a Tucker Trimmer?

A Tucker Trimmer (TM) won't take inches off of your hips and thighs - but it will help you make perfect hourglass, combination, and half-square triangles. The Tucker Trimmer (TM) can be used to trim down any square unit with diagonal, corner-to-corner seams to the perfect size. On this video, see how easy it is to improve your quilting with the Tucker Trimmer (TM)!

: Amazing tool. No more uneven blocks for me! ~ pm

: Alright, I'm sold! I will no longer struggle with lop-sided blocks...and my UFOs will disappear!! ~ LSW

: Love this ruler. Great video clip. ~ AMB

: All you video demo gals...Deb, Eleanor, Kaye, Jenny, Nancy, all seem to have those eternally Sharp blades. how do you sharpen them??? Is There a gadget, or a secret method? My used blades are waiting to be returned to work. Thank y'all much from Texas... Thank y ~ Midnight zombie

: All of Debs tools are excellent that not only helps but makes your quilt beautiful. Deb is great, if you have a question, just email her and she is incredible, she answers within 24hrs. Just great. So glad I found her and her tools, If I could I would give her tols 10 stars! ~ WC

: The one I saw was very interesting.. I would like to see more. ~ cc

: Thanks for the clear concise tutorial! *Ü* ~ AJ ~ AJ

: Just saw deb at PIQF and bought several rulers, love her ideas and demos. I have a lot of ideas. ~ KPR

: Can the large Trimmer be used to cut a square that is a cut size of 11 7/8" ? I know, I know, crazy size but am doing a mystery quilt and that is the called for cut size. Finished size will be 11 3/8. Never again! ~ Kathy Roe

: love your tooks ~ GHC

: This tool is absolutely the best I've found for making perfect points easily. ~ Terry Sheldon

: Happy Quilting Bless you Deb Tucker for your knowledge. Your not on my TV Channel any more and miss it. Last Product Catalog was Fall & Winter 2012. ~ Bo

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