Wing Clipper Ruler for Perfect Flying Geese

Learn how to use Deb Tucker's Wing Clipper (TM) rulers, the original for the 10 most common sizes of flying geese, and the Wing Clipper 2 for the in-between sizes. Step by step instructions take you through the process of constructing an oversized flying goose and trimming it to perfect size with the Wing Clipper (TM).

: This video was very helpful, although the directions that come with the ruler are great, too. I really recommend this ruler. It cuts 10 different sizes flying geese, not just 2. ~ acm

: sounds awesome ~ gc

: Awesome doesn't even begin to cover how easy Deb makes flying geese. I'm sorry mine had not left my drawer of rulers until today. How dumb was I!!!! ~ pml

: whant to know what size to cut the 2 squares in the flying geese, the big and the small to form a unit. ~ cgt

: I had a complaint earlier about the Wing Clipper ruler...the customer service is GREAT--they contacted me and told me they had redone the ruler and replaced the one I had purchased that I was unhappy with... LOVE the new ruler and Love the customer service --5 stars for BOTH ~ JMB

: I have to make 4flying geese that have to be2 x 31/2, and I am not sure what size IShould make all the squares. ~ nd

: I have to make flying geese that have to be 2x31/2 and I am not sure what size I should make all the squares. Please email me for the sizes. Thank you Tina ~ tina

: Hi,I purchased the wing clipper and I really found it so easy and alot better for me to use to make flying geese units.Upsizing the peices and trimming down with the ruler really made my units perfect. Thanks Deb for a really great product,,,,,,Just lovin it ~ Maxs

: Where can I find the dimensions for the large and small squares? Misplaced my directions that came with the ruler. ~ EQT

: i purchased the ruler and have misplaced the cutting chart and directions where can i get a copy? ~ michael

: Love the wing clipper. work every time. Lost cutting chart. How do you get that chart again ~ pj

: The 6 !/2 finished size was more challenging but I did it! Being left handed is a struggle in quilting but Debbie makes it easy to understand. Thanks Again! ~ MB

: is so interesting   ~ timelessjewellery

: I have several of your rulers. However I have lost the directions for The Wing Clipper. I need to know what sixe fabric I need to cut. I have the directions for everything else. Thanks ~ Bev

: I have several of your rulers, but have lost basic instructions for wing clipper . I need to know what size to cut squares. Thanks! ~ Hillfelder

: I moved and lost the directions and cutting chart for the wing clipper tool. How can I get another copy? ~ dew

: I have lost the directions and cutting chart for the wing clipper tool. Is it possible to get another copy? ~ GC

: lost the instruction and the sheet for cutting the squares to my wing clipper and wing clipper II ~ vk

: I have misplaced the directions for my wing clipper, Need to know size for a finished 6 1/2 X 3/1/2. I would greatly appreciate the size chart for all. Love this ruler. ~ mg

: Lost instructions for wing clipper. Help!! ~ Klw

: Love the winged clipper but dog tore up directions...where can I get a copy or purchase a copy? Thanks ~ EB

: Is it possible to get instructions for the wing clipper ruler, I can't find my instructions since I've moved! Please help! ~ Ng

: I too need the chart for the wingclipper. I am teaching it tomorrow and need the chart for making the samples tonight. Please how can I get a quick copy? ~ pb

: Have waited all week for the wing clipper I and just realized directions do not mention cutting dimensions for a 2 x 3.5 size. Can you help me with the correct size to cut my squares? Many thanks. ~ dh

: I am so excited after the Madison show! I bought ruler and I love love love your videos. ~ Diane Griffiths

: I purchased & own four rulers. While I was away recovering, my family threw away my ruler wrappers with all the cutting size charts. HELP--I'm in dire need to regain this info. HOW??? ~ smh

: I have your wing clipper ruler and have lost my instruction is the a place I can down load them. Thanks Martha ~ MS

: xxx ~ sp

: I have the wing clipper ruler and have lost my instruction can I down them. Thanks BR ~ BR

: How can I get written instructions on my wing clipper ruler,I to have miss placed the instruction sheet. ~ TJR

: lost my wing clipper instructions need help ~ CT

: Thank you ~ ct

: Lost my instructions. I have used this ruler and loved it ~ AMM

: Love the ruler. Cannot find my instructions that came with the ruler ~ AMM

: I lost the instructions for the wing clipper ruler. Where can I get another copy? ~ MRS

: I have lost my directions to my winger clipper. Where can I get a copy. ~ Ejf

: how can i get another copy of the directions for the ruler? ~ pms

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