Square Squared tool for Perfect Diamond Square Units

Learn how Deb Tucker's Square Squared (TM) tool will help you in the construction and trim down of the Diamond Square unit. Diamond Squares have been easy to construct but hard to construct well. Not anymore! Using the Square Squared (TM) tool, making perfect Diamond Square units is a snap!

: well done ~ jwt

: You are amazing. I LOVE everything I have bought from you - Tucker Trimmer, Square Squared, Wing Clipper and Quilters Magic Wand - they really are all MAGIC ty ~ pml

: YEA!! Another amazing tool. Can't wait to get and start using it on all sorts of different patterns. Thanks Ms. Tucker. ~ blp

: You are an awesome teacher!!!! ~ Chris

: Thank you for sharing your marvelous brain! Your tools have helped me become a much more competent piece maker. I have more pride in my work because your tools help me create far more accurate blocks. Please continue to develop more wonderful tools. Again, heartfelt thanks! ~ Jpb

: On the square /squared. When you say finished size, you mean the size with seam allowance or the finished size after seam allowance? I am trying to put with flying geese that are finished 1 1/2 x3, so they are 2x 3 1 1/2. So do I need a 3-1/2 finished or 3? I tried finished 3 , didn't work so will try again. ~ Dlh

: Love, Love, Love, all your tools, but so wish you would make this tool for larger squares and possibly for center squares that are not half inch as well... ~ CJ

: I am trying to make a 4 1/2" finished square on point in a square. Do you have a tool for the 1/2" increments? ~ AEG

: I love all the rulers you have designed. It sure makes my projects look a lot more professional and makes them fun to do. ~ ggp

: I can't get Square 2 to line up, have adjusted seam allowances, but when I measure my square measures correctly ~ Virginia Feeley

: Seen you on Fons and Porter. Loved your template and your technique ~ SCB

: I have really enjoyed your rulers...I am replacing several of my other specialized rulers with yours...they are much more accurate! ~ Pf

: Love all of your rulers! It makes all of my quilting enjoyable again. ~ paf

: I am so thrilled with these rulers and how much more enjoyable they make my quilting endeavors. I plan on buying one a month, until I have them all! ~ llg

: Fabulous tool for storm at sea! I want to make a square inside the 4x8 inch square square. What size trim down do I use for the inside square? ~ Patricia

: geat tool! what trim down do I use to make the square inside 4by8 inch square ~ Patricia

: Excited to watch ~ Jc

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