Corner Beam/Spotlight

This jazzy unit will add lots of sparkle to your quilts, and now its fast and easy to make perfectly with Deb's Corner Beam tool.  You'll cut the center beam and side triangles with the tool, stitch them together, then trim them down to perfection with the trimdown area of the tool.  You won't believe how easy it is!

: What is the difference between the Corner Beam tool and the Spotlight tool? Please elaborate... ~ GA

: Corner Beam is our improved Spotlight. It has new second trim guidelines for aligning the seams at the wide end of the center beam, allowing for additional precision. You can use your Spotlight interchangeably with the new Corner Beam. ~ sue tucker

: what is the difference in the v-beam and the corner beam trimer ~ phyllis

: Video for Corner Beam wont play - help! ~ djr

: Corner beam video wont play. ~ Dcl

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