Rapid Fire Hunter's Star

Learn how to use Deb Tucker's Rapid Fire Hunter's Star rulers - both the Petite Star and the Large Star. Step by step instructions take you through the process of strip piecing and trimming down the Hunter's Star block using Deb's Rapid Fire (TM) process.

: love the tutorial video and can't wait to make my own. thanks deb. ~ dl

: I love this quilt.Your tutorial was great went out got everything. made it it's Beautiful . Thanks DG ~ DG

: It was incredibly easy to make a quilt that I've wwanted to make for so long...Hunter's Star. I've gotten loads of compliments and it's not even quilted yet. Highly recommend. ~ AMK

: How can a block that looks so difficult be so easy? Just follow Deb!!Thanks ~ pm

: Can you suggest which size hunter star block would be best for a queen size quilt? ~ Tmk

: no better way to put this block together ~ jwt

: what a cool technique! can't wait to try it! ~ naz

: Nothing short of a miracle! And, sorry I missed out on seeing you in Loveland, CO! ~ LSW

: I made this quilt in dark blue & white,Love making another for my sister-n-law she love it to.great video.. ~ DG

: You make this look way too easy! Thanks! ~ RRB

: i have been wanting to make one for so long and was terrified of the pattern till i watched the tutorial and saw how user friendly ms. tucker has made this. thank you thank you ~ rachelle

: Love the look of that quilt now after seeing the tutorial even I will be able to make a beautiful one. You did a great job of modivating us and you have an excellent ruller. Great explaination and a so easy to follow lesson. Keep up the great work. ~ SP

: I have never even heard of "Hunter Star" I bought several of your rulers and really wanted to make this square first. I made a table runner for my daughter and was SO AMAZED how easy and perfect it turned out. If anyone is on the fence...this is the ONLY way to go, perfect points every time. Love your rulers. You keep making them, I keep buying them! Life is good. ~ LRG

: is it possible to make a queen size quilt that looks like just one Hunter Star block? ~ rita

: Looks great! ~ Katie Test

: You did a great job! ~ Katie Test

: After watching you video on the Petite Rapid Fire Hunter's Star I think maybe I can do this. I have been so afraid I couldn't, looks a lot less intimidating after I watched the video. Thanks so very much!!! VH ~ VH

: I am making the Hot Flash quilt using the Hunter Star ruler and everything has worked perfectly until it comes time to trim my squares, although I have more than enough material to trim my squares to a 7.5" square but the ruler does not line up. Suggestions??? ~ Denise

: I got it all done but your video confirmed the sizing Now I can finish all my blocks Love the block.Thanks. ~ Jh

: I purchased this ruler about a year ago, but I don't have any instructions. I would like to get the instructions in print as I do much better than working with the computer. My machine and computer are in 2 different areas. Thanks Karen Corwin ~ kdc

: I have the large star ruler to make the rapid fire hunters star but have lost the instructions. Is there a way to get a hard copy of them. ~ sas

: I have the smaller rapid Hunter star ruler and can not find my instructions please send them to me ~ C.a.r

: I bought the ruler back in 2006; I have patterns but not the basic instructions. Glad I found this video. BIG HELP. Thanks, Deb ~ Teri

: Making my three-color Hunter's Star with your ruler and instructions. So clear and precise! The blocks are turning out great!! Thanks Deb. ~ lmtzn

: I HAVE the large hunter block ruler but I don't know where the directions are I think it was a blue folder .could I get the directions and is there different directions for left handed person. thanks. ~ mls

: I've wanted to make this pattern for a long time. My awesome local store, Fabric Etc, is having a class using your Rapid Fire ruler. YEH!. Thanks for the video! ~ vmu

: I have always loved your rulers and your videos. I can't wait to start making this quilt! Thanks!!! ~ ELF

: I have learned so much from the videos and have several rulers ~ CRS

: Hi, lost the instructins for my large rapid hunter star ruler, is there ant way you can e-mail them to me as I would like to make my granddaughter one for Christmas, please please. thank you. bev spooner ~ B.A.S.

: I want to know where to buy the large rapid fire hunter's star ruler ~ VP

: Lost printed directions for the petite star ruler can you e-mail them ~ Ruth Yetter

: What does reader available mean when I try to watch video on this web ~ KC

: I am just a beginner and want to start off by making a table runner and want to know how long the strips have to be. I am wanting to do a 10" hunters star for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Lori ~ LC

: I lost my printed directions for the large ruler. Can you send me a copy by email? Please and thank you ~ MM

: learn how to use Rapid Fire Hunter's Star ~ ber

: I am making 2 color hunter star. White is one of the colors, so how do you press so the dark color doesn't show? Do you press open the seam in the center of the block? ~ CBK

: This tutorial would not open for me. Am I doing something wrong? ~ Gwen

: Lost printed instructions for the Large Star Ruler. Can you email these instructions. ~ PM

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