Do you need an interesting unit to add some additional zing to your blocks? Do you like more contemporary designs with sharper angles? The Sliver unit might be just what you're looking for. It's easy to make with your Corner Beam tool and you'll just love the pizazz it brings to your quilts. And with the final trim down, like with all Deb's tools and units, everything will fit together perfectly.

: ANOTHER RULER! Yippee! I love rulers, especially when they help me make easy blocks look hard to do. This is great! ~ MP

: Looks like another great ruler! Thanks Deb! ~ Vickie in nh

: When using your rulers I don't worry about how my blocks look before trimming, they always turn out perfect. This is a fun ruler, love it. ~ IF

: Love the new things to do with my rulers--Way to go. Keep those techniques, rulers, and patterns coming. ~ blp

: With lots and lots of fabric my need is fresh ideas. Loved the Corner Beam and Sliver block! ~ LTB

: Just love how all your rulers make me look like a good quilter lol. Keep up the great tuts and keep the rulers coming. Thanks ~ PT

: I just love your rulers and videos. Your rulers make me look like a great quilter they are great. Keep up the great work and keep making them rulers. Thanks so much. ~ Patricia Tabata

: Really enjoyed watching my first Deb Tucker video. Thanks! ~ mc ~ mc

: I have this tool and am going to try a 'double sliver', doing both sides of the half square triangle to create a sunburst.. ~ Will Rainey

: Great video tutorial....clear and very easy to follow. ~ AM

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