Technique Sheets

This video explains Deb's technique sheets - what they are, how to use them, etc. Check this out and you'll see why we are so enthusiastic about this exciting new product!

: Great idea! Must get a few of those. ~ ST

: I am not sure how I feel about this. These sheets are just something more we are offered for purchase. I have a few websites that are on my computer but none of them ever want to give or do anything free. Its always something else to buy. First its your templates now its technique sheets, what will it be next?. I and many other longarm quiters are fighting to keep our heads above water. We also love to find time to make a few quilts along the way. Instead of customers needing our services we are asked to buy one more template, pattern or fabric. You have wonderful products but right now I would like to have one merchant say I give you this because it will help you in many ways and make you feel worth while. Thank you CJP ~ CJP

: Using the Shaded Square one today...makes things fast and easy. Yes, you have to buy them to sell them to your's called RETAIL. It makes the rulers more useful than they already are...and they are great. ~ cjs

: Having seen the picket/quicket idea done other ways, I would not use this way, just because there is so much waste comparatively. Use it if you like, but not my favorite. The others are good, though. ~ cjs

: I work and teach at a quilt. My classes using Studio 180 rulers are always a success. The technique sheets are a wonderful "add on" for those customers who have already purchased the ruler...Thanks for making terrific rulers and a helpful tool to go with them. ~ srt

: Am buying all of them..........sounds so great. Can't make quilts without YOUR RULERS......So this will just make them more usable!!!jms ~ jms

: I love the pattern shown in the backgroud! What is it? Do you sell it? ~ ph

: I also love that pattern in the background. Do you sell it? ~ rvr

: I love your videos and you are a great quilting teacher! I am buying your tools and technique sheets a few at a time!Thank you :) ~ Caroline Saganash

: Please sign me up for your newsletter ~ Robert Joss

: Do you have a pattern for a king or queen size of the leaf block like your table runner? ~ ddg

: am ordering two more rulers and the migrating geese technique sheet, today. I love these tools. would love to know what the quilt behind you in the video for migrating geese. ~ peggy c

: Thank you for all you do to make quilt sewing so much easier. ~ MS

: Thank you for all you do to make sewing quilts much easier and faster. ~ MS

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